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Scar Therapy

Scar Therapy is a gentle therapy for scar tissue whether it is a result from surgery, (from C-section to gender reassignment and everything in between!) an accident or a burn. 

Following treatment, scars can appear smaller, flatter, faded and softer, however the focus is always on the underlying tissues and the benefits that can be gained through changes.

Scar tissue can cause different layers under the skin to become stuck together during the healing process. This then restricts the function and mobility in this area and affects how the rest of the body is able to move.

Scar Therapy aims to improve the feel, health and function of the scar and the surrounding tissues.  The therapy aims to help reduce the scar tissue and adhesions, minimise discomfort and pain, soften and release the scar and reduce any associated pain.

This therapy can be effective on both new and old scars even those that are many years old.  One treatment session will be beneficial but often the best results occur over a series of sessions. 

Scar Therapy consultation and first treatment - £33 (approx 1 hour)

(to help make this a more accessible treatment, Scar Therapy treatment

prices have had a 25% discount applied to them already)

Follow up treatment - £25

Testimonial - Hilary treated me for Scar Massage, after I had a Caesarean section. I honestly think all women who have had c sections, should go and get their scar treated by Hilary! The treatment has made the area significantly less tight and restrictive, and I’m sure that it will have had a lot of benefit in the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. Caesareans are such major surgery and we ladies are left with little to no support afterwards, and the impact of this surgery can affect us on so many levels. Hilary is very knowledgable, kind, welcoming and non-judgemental. I appreciate it’s hard to get your tummy out post-baby, but Hilary makes you feel very much at ease and relaxed. Highly recommended. - Steph R

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