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"Yes I would highly recommend Hilary. I have a lot of pain in my spine due and several other health conditions. Hilary’s massages always make me feel so much better and provide much needed relief which enables me to get a better quality sleep. She seems to know how much pressure my body can take at any one time and adjusts her treatments accordingly. The setting is also very peaceful, relaxing and cosy. 10/10"

- Gemma

Shoulder Massage

"I have, and still am, receiving scar therapy from Hilary, after having a double mastectomy my scar is from one shoulder blade , and right across my chest to the back of my other shoulder blade. As you can imagine, this surgery has left me with a lot of restrictions and severe tightness, but, thanks to Hilary's expertise and knowledge, I now have more flexibility and comfort in the area, she has been a true blessing for me and I would highly recommend her therapies."

— Julie

Stones Massage

"Beautiful countryside setting, very calm. Wonderful therapies given with a caring, efficient service. I have a range of  therapies regularly with Hilary and they are always carried out perfectly"

— Jenny


My family has been having a range of treatments with Hilary for years now and she has always been very knowledgeable and kind.  I have had massages through two pregnancies which has been devine.  I had an emergency c-section with my daughter and last year her scar therapy helped enormouly with my recovery. My husband, mother and children (baby massage) have also been to see Hilary and I have no hesitation in recommending her. 

— Natalie

“Hilary gave me an amazing reflexology treatment and as I’d never had one before I didn’t know what to expect. I would highly recommend. I came out feeling so relaxed and I had the best night’s sleep. It was fascinating to learn all about reflexology so so good. Thank you ”

— Claire

Reflexology Therapy

"Fantastic therapies and creative gifts. I’ve had a massage,  pregnancy massage and scarwork with Hilary so far. Would definitely recommend her knowledge and kindness"

- Dr Celia

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