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Massage & Holistic Therapies

Massage therapies, reflexology, indian head, hot stone massage, therapeutic ultrasound, Reiki, click below for the full list and prices.

Massage Therapy

Scar Therapy

 Helps promote optimum healing, improve mobility, reduce pain/sensitivity.  Suitable for both new and old scars following injury, surgery or burns. 

Pregnancy & Postnatal

Pregnancy Massage, Postnatal Massage and Maternity Reflexology. Come and be wrapped in a cocoon of relaxation - you deserve it!


Sports Massage & Thai Stretch

Help with injuries, aches and pains or by those wanting to prevent injuries or improve sporting performance. 

Thai Table stretch - especially good for stretching the lower body. Helping tight legs and hips. 

Upper Back Massage


Gentle pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet (or hands) which correspond to the organs and systems of the body. The pressure applied is aimed to heal the corresponding areas of the body.

This treatment brings deep relaxation and is a great stress reliever.

Also available as a Maternity, Peri-menopause or Menopause treatment.   

Mother Holding Baby Finger
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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle non-invasive therapy involving light, rhythmic and pumping hand movements to move the skin in the direction of the lymph flow and stimulate the lymphatic system.  Helpful for alleviating many conditions.  Click below to read more. 

Massage Therapy
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Story Massage

To help children with with relaxation, anxiety or to prepare for events such as starting school, the dentist etc. 

 Combining the creativity of story telling with the benefits of massage. Story massage uses simple movements alongside a story.  Everyone can join in, whatever their age or ability

Hand Massage


Treatments for those with cancer, after cancer, or life limiting illnesses. 

Can be combined with MLD or scar therapy to help with recovery after surgery. 

Children and Teens

Treatments are available at HRB Therapies for Children and Teenagers. 

Can be useful for those with anxiety, ADHD, exam stress or just for the enjoyment of some relaxation.

Getting a Facial

Gift Vouchers  & events

Please click below to purchase a gift voucher.


Please get in contact to discuss

Pamper Packages, Event Massage, Retreat Days, Hen Parties and Bridal Packages.


Gift Vouchers also available.

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