Pregnancy & Postnatal Treatments

Pregnancy Massage -1 hour - £40

Pregnancy massage is thoroughly relaxing and soothing.  This massage is mainly carried out in a side lying position. The benefits include relaxation, helping to reduce back and joint pains, reduction of stress or anxiety, ease of headaches, relieve tense muscles, improved circulation and minimising oedema.


Post Natal Massage – 1 hour - £40

Helping new mums to relax.  A post-natal massage aims to relieve any tight muscles. The increased circulation can help with any healing needed plus the added bonus that the endorphins (happy hormones) produced through the massage help mums to feel good.


Maternity Reflexology - 30 mins - £25

A perfect treatment during pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and post-natal.  During pregnancy there can be many changes to the body both physically and emotionally.    A maternity reflexology treatment often helps to manage any discomforts and settle the emotions.

*Prices vary depending on location - these prices apply to Upton upon Severn*


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